There are several languages in use on the continent. Some are more common than others.

Clerical languages: Used mainly by members of the Faith, and originating in far-off lands.

  • Latin: main language used in religious ceremonies.
  • Hebrew: lesser used religious language, known mostly by clerical scholars
  • Aramaic: used even less than Hebrew

Noble languages: The language of various conquering peoples who went on to become the ruling class of different areas. These languages are often used by merchants and diplomats.

  • Norman: Main language of the southern nobility.
  • Gaelic: The Gaels populate the Emerald Isle, but their language is widespread due to their constant raids on the western and northern coasts.
  • Venarian: Language of the Venar who invaded the continent from the North.

Peasant languages: Languages common among the small folk. Many were once widespread, but are becoming less known as time goes on.

  • Anglish: The original people of the southlands, Norman is slowly becoming more and more common.
  • Breton: Common language of the people of the midlands.
  • Pictish: When the Picts ruled the Northlands, this was the dominant language.
  • Mannish: Spoken only be the people on the Isle of Mann
  • Cornish: Spoken only by the people of Cornwall. It is officially illegal to speak in public, but most Cornishmen are fluent in spite of the laws.
  • Welsh: Main language of all Westerners. The Welsh nobility stay close to their peasants.

Other Languages from far away lands are occassionally encountered. Ancient languages from before even the Anglish settled here are sometimes discovered in ancient sites.

  • Duvan Ku: An ancient language that is all but unknown nowadays.
  • Scythian: Used by sailors and traders from a faraway land.


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