This is where the campaign begins, in the Shanghai Pits of Doom!

Larhold… the Jewel of the Warm Sea. Shipping mecca and trading port for several nations, Larhold is a free city, that is, its rulers owe alliegence only to the Emperor, and not some two-bit provincial lord.

An evening in midsummer saw unthinkable disaster strike the city; a massive sea serpent rose from the harbor and crashed down onto the city. Beaching its dying body across a third of Larhold, the massive beast smashed into the cliffside overlooking the city, causing a landslide and further destruction. The landslide did however uncover a cave network within the cliff.

Unfortunately for the survivors of the attack, hordes of amoeba-like creatures poured out of the creature’s wounds and attacked all living creatures they could find.

The party fled the city, following up on information they gathered in the Shanghai Pits of Doom!

Larhold is generically based on Renaissance-era city-states in what is now Italy, including architecture, fashion, and technology. It was originally created for a Palladium Fantasy campaign many years ago, and was adopted for this campaign because I’m lazy.



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