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    [[Armor]] and armor add-ons [[Shields]] must be splintered! [[Experience]] and how to get it [[Hit Points]] and damage [[Firearms]] how they work in the game

  • Shields

    New shield rule: Shields provide their regular bonus as stated in the LotFP rules. However, they provide an additional, one time, benefit. Any time an attack does damage against a defender who is equipped with a shield, the defender can declare that …

  • Experience

    Experience points (XP) come from a variety of sources. These sources include defeating enemies, spending treasure, role playing, and GM fiat. * Defeating enemies uses the chart in the LotFP rule book. * Spending treasure means a character receives 1 …

  • Firearms

    Firearms are becoming more and more common in the world, especially within armies, but also with colonists, hunters, and soldiers of all types. Firearms use the same armor-piercing rules as light and heavy crossbows, however, for damage they use …